Thursday, January 22, 2009

Our Patient is Bound for Home . . .

Early Thursday:

Alan called last evening not long after I left him. The hospital discharge guy came in and told him he's going home TODAY! Alan protested -- said he wanted to stick around to get all the PT he could (unlike the rest of us who hate PT!) Protests ignored. Today is discharge day. Troy the PA called and said he was setting up outpatient PT for Alan -- he'll go five days a week instead of the normal three.

So let's just move this anxious guy right along. Hooray for his enthusiasm and determination!

He's been in quite a bit of pain, however, since his over-the-top day on Monday. I fear he's overdoing it, but he won't listen. I'm hoping Seth, my fave PT of all, will get a good handle on it and push him forward but pull him back when necessary.

(And oh, that niggling "kidney" pain of mine? I slipped and fell on the ice in our driveway a couple of weeks ago on the way back from the mailbox. Right out of a comic strip -- mail went flying everywhere. No one around with a camcorder, thank goodness! Landed on my left posterior side -- ouch. Left bummy been hurting ever since. Had x-rays yesterday. Probably just a small rib fracture. No big deal now that I know what it is. It's always the wondering that gets us, right?)

Thursday huggies to all -- must dash to put fresh sheets on my patient's bed!

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  1. Yeah! Uncle Alan is able to come home! Hooray for that! You guys are constantly in our family prayers:) I am glad the thing has been bothering you is not a kidney problem, good to know that.