Monday, January 19, 2009

"Mr. Hurtie" is Cheering Up!

Got to the hospital just in time to wheel our favorite patient into church at ten. We expected a handful of patients in wheelchairs and their families in jeans and T-shirts. And maybe a few hospital workers in scrubs. Boy, were we surprised! There must've been FIFTY people there ALL dressed in Sunday best. Alan was the only patient and there was exactly one hospital worker and of course, me, dressed in pants. Sheesh! Turns out it was ward conference and the entire congregation was comprised of stake officers. The embarrassment wore off after a few minutes as we enjoyed the good spirit there. The stake president spoke as well as the bishop. The latter's name is Harward from Springville. Local blog-readers will recognize his name as the "corn guy" -- you know, he has those dozens of green carts brimming with fresh corn all over Utah County every fall? Yum!

Nice, short meeting.

Alan was VERY cheerful all day today for the first time in a week. He had his first good night of sleep. EXCEPT for one incident. He prefers having his CPM machine on rather than off, even when he sleeps. Gives him needed support. Well, the thing started malfunctioning around three ayem. He called the nurse and she said "I'm not trained how to fix such a complicated machine." So after she left, my mechanic husband unstrapped his leg, used his walker to get out of bed, drag a chair over to the CPM, took it apart and fixed it himself! Dragged the chair back, strapped himself in and resumed his ALMOST-full night's sleep.

Today brought some fun visitors. They included a representative from the administrator's office bearing a big basket of goodies -- popcorn, candy, cookies, chips, salsa. She said it was to apologize for keeping him waiting in the hall for over two hours Saturday. So nice!

Other visitors included a woman, two children and their three DOGS! They are pet therapists -- volunteers who go around to hospitals and nursing homes to visit anyone who wants to pet and play with the dogs. Isn't that nice? Alan had a great time with them.

Another visitor was the social worker, Steve. He asked Alan what his goals are during his stay. Alan said he wants to stay as long as it takes to make him strong. That he has a repeat surgery coming up soon and he wants to be prepared. He'd like to stay at least another week, he told Steve. Hm-m-m-m, and I thought he'd probably come home this Wednesday. It's just as well, I guess -- see my PS below.

Alan had both family and good friends drop by today. He's truly having a good time and getting around well.

The food is pretty okay (if you like tons of salt), the PT-Suzi gal is great and the nurses are just fine. Small hospital -- lots of personal attention.

Alan asked me to tell you all how much he appreciates your good wishes and prayers. They are truly being responded to.

I love you all,
Thank you for your calls and personal emails,

PS -- off the subject. I've been experiencing severe left flank pain for several days now. Been popping aspirin and slugging cranberry juice. Kidney stone? Maybe. Never had one but it feels like it might be. Will visit my doc in the ayem. I asked Steve if they've ever had husband-wife roomies in this hospital. After all, there's an unoccupied second bed in Alan's room. Wouldn't that be something? When someone figures out what's wrong with me, I'll pass the info along. Great timing, right???

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