Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wow -- been awhile!

Our patient is doing so well I've nearly forgotten he's still a PATIENT!

Alan is still on the big gun drugs but not nearly so big and not nearly so often. He made it to FOUR HOURS of church this past Sunday. Still on crutches, of course.

Physical therapy folks are very complimentary on his progress as well. I still take him three days a week (then I drive about two miles away to the fitness center for a water workout -- never realized I'd have the entire pool to myself in the early afternoons. GREAT time slot for me!) He thinks he'll be able to drive himself to PT starting next week maybe.

We have a checkup appt. with his physician next week and we'll get a date then for the other knee. Alan keeps saying, "It's hard to believe that my new-still-painful knee will soon become my GOOD knee." That's why he's so diligent about getting better so fast. (I'm just jealous -- my own recovery last year was MUCH slower!) I'm thinking the other surgery will be around Easter. That's how far out his surgeon is booked right now.

Then it will be SSSV -- same song, second verse.

Gretchen's breast reconstructions will begin about then as well, we're thinking. Her postponed ankle reconstruction will follow the breast surgeries.

Two-thousand-nine will end up as a l-o-n-g year of surgeries, nursing, and recoveries for Alan, Gretchen, and me. But you know what? I'm thrilled to be serving.

Who knows? We three may just gather up some appropriate age-group-friendly friends and take a cruise during Christmas this year to celebrate all the healing that will SURELY be done by then!

Huggies to all,